Johnny MoranoHi!

Welcome at my personal web log site.

I am Johnny Morano, a freelancer currently working in Austria. Mainly I work in the IT world, but since I’m a freelancer, I have the ability to quickly adapt to any type of work.

My greatest interests are extreme sports, such as

  • snowboarding
  • wakeboarding
  • downhill
  • motocross
  • skiing

Next to my sports, I also have a great interest in multimedia, such as taking pictures and making movies. The latter is actually not that fancy as it seems: I’m not a director nor have I ever had a descent education about it. I just like to make small movies (movie clips) about the sports I practice together with my friends.

LinkedIn page: http://be.linkedin.com/in/johnnymorano
Online resume/CV: Johnny Morano CV (you need to have Adobe Reader plugin enabled for this link, otherwise do Right Mouse Click and open or save the file in a new window or tab)

Visit my photography website!


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  1. Hello! IT and extreme sports? Find DH and some “tutorial” for web on the same page…great! Only wanted to write this, because I don’t know anybody who are interested in both of this. Pleasantly surprised 🙂

    P.S.: good luck on bike!