Syslog event generator with Net::RawIP (perl)

Recently I have been asked to write a Syslog event generator, but not just a normal syslog generator, it had to be able to generate events coming from different hosts. The normal ‘logger’ command sends Syslog messages using the machine’s IP address, so logger wasn’t very useful. The only thing useful seem to be, to […]

Peaceful Protests Continue in Tibet, Chinese Police Raid Monasteries and Nunneries

[ Thursday, 22 June 2011 ] Tibetans in eastern Tibet bolster their call for return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and freedom in Tibet, braving beatings and arrests by police TIBET: On 19th June 2011, two nuns of Nyimo Getsul Nunnery, Jamtuk Dolma and Dolma Palmo, took to the street in Karze demanding the […]

Connect your home and company networks with OpenVPN

Introduction OpenVPN is an opensource Virtual Private Networking (VPN) solution which can be downloaded freely on the Internet. It also included in almost every Linux distro to-date, so it can be easily installed using your distro’s favourite package manager tools. It uses the SSL/TLS VPN stacks, which makes it different from almost every other VPN […]