Check if a NFS share is mounted

Below is a small Perl example how to check for NFS mounted shares on a Linux host. The script does not need any specific modules, and makes use of the /etc/mtab file.

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Upgrade Roundcube on Debian Squeeze

The Roundcube version (0.3.1) in Debian Squeeze is just too outdated. To create a new Debian package, using the latest version of Roundcube, is fairly easy. Download the latest source (currently 0.8.1) from, and put the TAR image (roundcubemail-0.8.1.tar.gz) … Continue reading

Finder and Samba share support

I’ve answered a question on StackOverflow (actually on SuperUser) regarding Finder and Samba shares on Ubuntu Linux. It’s only Ubuntu which has this problem, Finder works perfect with Samba when that Samba is installed on Debian, CentOS, … … Continue reading